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Accessing Capabilities

Yes, this is part of what you will experience at How-to-Learn-Languages workshops. One of the principal aims of the exercises here is to begin activising the inner resources that will make acquiring languages easy. Since every human being had been a perfect language learner in their infancy, constructing capabilities does not have to start from scratch. Your understanding this sentence is plenty of proof of your linguistic aptitude. What you need to do is dig down within yourself, access, release and begin to re-use the partly dormant resources of mastering languages.

Some of the techniques taught at the workshops are prerequisites to verbal communication; they are used to enter into and make sense of the world of native speakers. Some examples are adapting to the ’vibrations’ of natives, or the selective attention that can help you isolate the needed information from the barrage of linguistic input received.

There are also specific linguistic skills: how to understand a written text even though it contains massive amounts of unknown vocabulary; how to think in the new language; how to commit lexical elements to memory – and a series of others you can experience in the workshop.


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