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Aren’t time and effort the key factors in learning a language?

With longer-term projects, such as mastering a new language, perseverance and depth of interest will obviously be among the resources needed. Your ultimate success, however, will depend on the effectiveness of your methods. Sweating with meaningless tasks will not get you ahead at all. You may keep punching the wrong number into the telephone an infinite number of times and still not reach the desired person.

Or, your chosen methods may work at a snail’s pace. Carrying water into the bathtub in the palms of your hands will be very hard work. The tub will take a long time to fill, and by the time you can immerse yourself in the water, it will be cold.

While staying motivated is important, in Lingeon we put the emphasis on finding appropriate and easy techniques. If you desire to take a bath, why not open the tap?


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