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So how can I become a language genius?

The mystical ’gift for languages’ actually consists of a few key and a large number of additional skills. The good news is that all of us have some of these active, and putting them to the appropriate task we will already have progressed considerably.

Every person has some unconscious capabilities fine tuned, and people typically try to use the few skills they perfected for everything. Unconsciously projecting the picture of words in front of you is not appropriate for pronounciation; however, it is great for spelling and remembering. Trying to spell by sounding the words out will not work well, yet using the same inner voice you can start thinking in the language and achieve superb pronounciation. Every thought process is good for something, you just need to become aware of your inner processes and fit them to the appropriate task.

The next step is to awaken and perfect your dormant skills in a manner appropriate to your personality and preferences. Using abstract internal imagery will help you grasp grammar without ever studying it. As you begin to hear and reproduce the music of languages, you will suddenly be easily understood. Getting into the cultural movement patterns you will be surprised to discover how easy you can understand natives.

Revitalizing more and more of your abilities this way you will become better and better at acquiring languages. As speaking tongues becomes something you enjoy and continually develop your skills in, you will become more and more talented.


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