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Aside from as much Hungarian as possible, the language of instruction will be English. A working knowledge of English is needed.

(If there is a need, we can also teach the same course in a number of other languages.)


Beside plenty of other written materials, you will receive:

A hundred amazing phrases to help thinking in Hungarian
exclamations and expressions of emotion
vocabulary in Hungarian for:
describing situations
making decisions
motivating yourself
giving yourself praise
and for some other typical self-talk situations
your own key phrases

A hundred superbly practical phrases that aid communicating in Hungarian
phrases that help you learn
common responses
dealing with things you cannot yet say
making your listener say the word for you
funny phrases to relax your listeners
gaining time
conversation openers and continuers, ending conversations
expressing your opinion
handling your imperfections
asking for what you want
wild cards; words that you can use to replace any word


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