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What is the difference between Lingeon and other nonconventional second language acquisition systems?

Most systems we saw actually consist of a body of material to be learned. Lingeon is individually tailored: you will internalise the new language through activities of your choosing. (Your hobby, talking with friends, your profession, listening to music, watching movies, reading, using the internet, hosting guests, travelling, etc.) Out of a wide variety of choices you will assemble a structure of activities that are the most appropriate in your life.

Another difference is that a great number of even alternative methods are based on translation. In Lingeon, you will almost immediately switch from thinking in your native idiom to thinking in the target language.

Yet another feature of Lingeon is that it is not just a method of acquiring the language, but also the whole of the new culture; the manner people of that culture think, feel, relate to each other and the world. Language is a part of a greater whole, which is significantly easier to understand and grasp than some pieces taken from it.


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