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What are the Roots of Lingeon?

In a manner of speaking, Lingeon contains nothing elementally novel. When using Lingeon, you engage in what humans have been performing for millenia: acquiring languages using their innate language learning capabilities.

Lingeon is nothing else than a kind of container allowing you to bring to surface the mental resources that were so abundant in your childhood. The how-to of communicating with hitherto unknown cultures, the assembling of new linguistic structures is formed into step-by-step procedures in Lingeon. This way you can consciously and deliberately use your inherited resources that may have fallen into disuse.

Where does this tool come from?

The methodology and the attitude originate in Neuro-Linguistic Programming. NLP, the study of human subjective experience, was created by linguist John Grinder and psychologist Richard Bandler in the early seventies. What they were doing is called modelling: mapping the structure of the behaviour of gifted individuals in order to achieve their results. Modelling is completely pragmatic; a description is sought that works in actual practice and is teachable to any human being. If you desire to know more about NLP we recommend Steve and Connirae Andreas or Robert Dilts, important developers of the field. Or, here are some links in Hungary: MindennapiNLP or NLP Akadémia.

Instead of modelling individuals, Lingeon may be viewed as group modelling: learning the behaviour patterns of groups of people. Lingeon also uses the communication techniques of NLP and even some specific language acquisition methods of NLP developers, notably those of John Grinder and Charles Faulkner.

Another approach to the origins of Lingeon could be viewing it as a specific application of human group consciousness. In Western civilization, we tend to think of ourselves as individuals. Biologically speaking we can also view ourselves as group beings who are in continuous contact with other members by what could be somewhat mysteriously described as fine vibrations. Human speech is a more recent and conscious addition to this ancient form of communication. Language, the conscious part of the communication complex can be absorbed most easily if we adopt the body movements, sound rhythms and other patterns of the group, thereby entering into and forming an inherent part of the group. Once we learn to pay attention to the awareness within that perceives the group vibrations, renounce our walls and emotionally identify with the target group, the methods that make up Lingeon will spontaneously arise.


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