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Along with our more earthly goals (to make a living through independent and interesting activities) we also teach Lingeon in order to:

– Allow people to enter into other cultures, thereby increasing their sensitivity and tolerance to other peoples’ worlds as well as opinions different from their own;

– Recreate a society in which multilingualism is the norm, where the contact of equal cultures fertilize each other and the mental activities of people;

 – Have people realise that it is worth their while becoming multilingual if only for the personality development benefits this brings;

– Provide tools that make Hungarian and other inflecting and flexing languages available for a wider audience. Yes, with the right attitude even an adult Indo-European can easily learn these.

– Give equal accessibility to repressed cultures and languages;

– Have learning once again become an interesting exploration. We would like to contribute to releasing your hidden curiosity and creativity, together with the trust in your own capabilities.


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