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How you can Become a Lingeon Trainer

If you would like to work with us as a trainer, the first step is attending a two-day How-to-Learn-Languages workshop. Here you can familiarise yourself with our methods, attitude, ourselves, and we can get to know you. In the case of mutual sympathy, we can have a personal consulting session, where you will receive suggestions about what capabilities to develop. You are also given recommendations about possible ways of proceeding, either on your own or with our assistance. (And we are also open and curious about your suggestions, of course.)

If you show sufficient progress, we will try you out as an assistant at one of our workshops. When you are deemed capable, you will receive Lingeon Assistant certification.

The details of the 3 levels of Lingeon Teachers are listed below. All levels of certification are awarded in a personal consulting process with tasks designed specifically for you. Experience as a teacher, trainer, interpreter would be an advantage, so is experience in NLP, along with a high level of proficiency in languages, and the inside knowledge of other cultures.

Other forms of co-operation are also possible: if you are a native or near-native in some language, you may become a mentor for our clients. If you are an unconscious language genius, we can study you and you may become a developer without even having to work with clients. Or do you have any other suggestions?

There are three levels of qualification in Lingeon:

1) Lingeon Assistant

The role of Lingeon Assistants is of paramount importance in training sessions. They are the eyes and ears of trainers, and the benefactors of participants during How-to-Learn-Languages or other Lingeon workshops. Their work involves some preparation of workshops, as well as helping with small groups during exercises, keeping participants on track, paying attention to the needs of individuals and the whole group, transmitting these to the trainer. In and out of training, assistants receive support from the Lingeon team in order to further develop their skills and may apply Lingeon materials for their personal use.

You may become a Lingeon Assistant if
– you have attended a Lingeon How-to-Learn-Languages workshop as a participant;
– you are open, creative, intelligent, have structured mental processes and inner discipline, are attentive to and like people, have empathy and personal integrity, derive happiness from the progress of others;
– you can speak at least one language other than your mother tongue fluently;
– you have successfully completed the goals set in your individual mentoring process;
– you are learning a language using Lingeon.

2) Lingeon Consultant

Lingeon Consultants, due to their more profound knowledge and experience, are financially rewarded if they assist in trainings. They may also teach pre-selected portions of the material. They may coach clients in a personal consulting process, for which they may use Lingeon materials.
You may become a Lingeon Consultant if
– you have been certified as a Lingeon Assistant;
– you have participated in individual consulting as a consultant’s aide;
– you are using Lingeon in your own life: you have acquired at least one language using Lingeon well enough to express yourself in it and are continuing to learn;
– you have successfully completed the goals set in your individual mentoring process.

3) Lingeon Trainer

Lingeon Trainers may lead Lingeon workshops on their own.
You may become a Lingeon-trainer if:
– you have been certified as a Lingeon-consultant;
– you have completed the Lingeon Trainer Course;
– you have successfully completed the goals set in your individual mentoring process;
– you have acquired at least one language using Lingeon well enough to hold a training in it;
– you keep developing yourself, assistants, consultants, fellow trainers and the field.


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