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Among other activities, I have worked as a consultant, janitor, gardener, community organizer, language teacher, the complete staff of an alternative book store, vacuum cleaner salesman, irrigation system mechanic, interpreter, poster poster, office worker, construction labourer, trainer of an OD company, NLP trainer, translator in a bank, psychoterapist, book translator, beggar for Greenpeace, proofreader and bartender on a four-mast ship (only for a day as pay turned out to consist mainly of alcohol).

Over 2500 hours of NLP and Ericksonian hypnosis training at the following institutions: NLP Institute of Ontario (Canada), NLP Comprehensive (USA), NLP University / Dynamic Learning Centre (USA), Milton Erickson Institut (Germany), ZIST Institut (Germany), NLP International (USA) between
1988 and  1998.

Main trainers: John Grinder, Richard Bandler, Robert Dilts, Steve Andreas, Connirae Andreas, Lara Ewing, Gerry Smith, Judith DeLozier, David Gordon, Max Steinbach, Charles Faulkner, Steve Lankton, Steve Gilligan, Tim Hallbom, Suzy Smith, Wyatt Woodsmall, Ed Reese, Maryann Reese

During the course of university psychology studies I encountered relatively little information that could not be absorbed from books. Since I have been reading  since the age of 5, I quickly finished with post-secondary education, seeking practical knowledge. Steve and Connirae Andreas certified me as an NLP trainer in 1996.

Trainings held
(Over 10 thousand hours since 1993.)
NLP workshops (Practitioner and Master Practitioner Trainings,  advanced trainings), various communication and personal development workshops; outdoor team building; different kinds of trainings for small, medium, large companies and NGOs.

I have been doing individual (personal, management, cultural, language-related) consulting since 1990.

Training languages
English, Hungarian, German, Rumanian, Spanish, Turkish, French


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